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Meet Terry Noble

Navigating the expansive highways of the USA and Canada, I've embarked on a dual journey as a truck driver and artist. My life on the road has lent me a unique perspective that I've translated into art, infusing my trucking experiences into vibrant splashes of watercolors.


My artistic endeavors stretch over years, during which I've experimented with various mediums. However, it's the world of Transport Trucks that has captivated my imagination most recently. In their strength and relentless motion, I've found a fascinating subject that resonates with my life on the highways.

From the inside of my semi-truck cab, I've managed to establish a studio on wheels. Here, while crisscrossing the wide-ranging terrains of our two countries, I pour my creativity into capturing the essence of transport trucks. Each painting is more than a replication; it's a narrative of the life and times on our highways.


As a truck driver turned artist, I'm presenting a unique narrative that fuses two distinct worlds. Each piece is a blend of my experiences, my observations, and my reflections, crafted diligently through watercolors. It's where the rugged reality of trucking meets the fluidity and beauty of art.


I invite you to delve into this collection - a celebration of the synergies between transport and art. It's the story of a trucker's life on the road, told through the language of brush strokes and pigments. Welcome to a journey where the highways are my inspiration, and trucks are my muses.

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